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Modding Team unite: A list of talent

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Modding Team unite: A list of talent

Post  Admin on Sat Nov 26, 2011 7:02 am

Skyrims Creation Kit will be coming out some time soon. When it does it would be good to have a place where people can offer help Texturing, scripting, voice overs, sound. all of it has to come from something.
How about here in the center of Skyrim mod community?

If you are seeking out someone skill contact them in the way they listed below.

Quick FAQ:
Q: What exactly is this?
A: Say if you are good at scripting and are creating a mod. but you need someone to create models or to be an voice actor for your companion character. people here can offer to help instead of having people make separate threads that get lost in forum history rather quickly, why not have a thread where all can list their skills that they are offering for mod creation. It is to be a great resource thread for those wish to help and those who need help.
Q: How do I become featured?
A: Creator of the thread chooses a featured for that category. nobody can ask to be one. to get a chance in your reply to be on the list show of what you can do.
Q: How often Does Featured given
A: weekly or monthly it really depends who chooses to be listed if they show off their work well they will be featured for a short time or a long time depending on content their post offers.

To get on the list reply to this thread with this form filled out.
You can do what ever you like in the post make it flashy show off work in it. its basically where people interested are going to look at. as Main post links to everyone's posts directly!

Talent: Scripting, Modeling, Voice Acting, Sounds, anything list all that apply.
Skill level: low, Mid, High or (Professional only if this is your main career) be serious do not lie
Contact method: PM, Email, facebook or msn. (Any conventional means will work which ever You check the most regularly.)
additional information:


Featured: NA

Cell Creation
(interior/exterior, lighting, level creation)
Featured: NA
Stratomunchkin Skill Level: Mid
Ultiman Skill Level: High (Show room link)
Caille Skill Level: Mid/high


Featured: Spacerogue Skill Level: Med/High (Show room link)

DiGiTALZOMBiE Skill level: High+ (Show room link)
Ultiman Skill level: Low/learning
Poleonil Skill Level: Med/High (Show room link)
runestyr Skill Level: Low


Featured: NA
Ultiman Skill level: Low/learning (Show room link)
Caille Skill Level: mid/high
runestyr Skill Level: Low


Featured: NA
kael_159 Skill Level: Med/High


Featured: NA
DiGiTALZOMBiE Skill level: High+ (Show room link)
Ultiman Skill Level: Med/High (Show room link)
Manbreakfast Skill Level: Low/Learning
Poleonil Skill Level: Med/High (Show room link)
runestyr Skill Level: Mid

(Quest/Dialog Writing)
Featured: Caille Skill Level: Professional

Stratomunchkin Skill Level: High+
Golegrey Skill Level: High
Miriandandes Skill Level: High
Manbreakfast Skill Level: High
jase180 Skill Level: High

Voice Acting

Featured: Manbreakfast Skill Level: High