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Weapon brainstorming

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Weapon brainstorming Empty Weapon brainstorming

Post  runestyr on Sat Dec 10, 2011 11:47 pm

Hey team! Is it just me or has the Skyrim Nexus gotten so filled up with suggestions that are (1) repeats of something posted a day or less ago or (2) so strange they make me want to shout, (in a Dr. Evil voice) "How about NO, you frikkin weirdo?" So here in Project Skyrim, where we have serious modders, I thought it useful to start a thread in Brainstorming about weapons, such as:

1. things you want enough that you will try to make them
2. technical suggestions on how others can achieve the things they want to make
3. feedback on whether you'd use such a mod if it were made

Once you discuss your ideas here, get feedback if desired, and start building, then you'd post in Works In Progress. This thread is just for ideas and initial feedback. To begin, here's my idea:

Khajit Claws

I just started the game over as a Khajit, and while I haven't yet needed the Night Eye power, the cat-people have a HTH "claw" attack that looks only slightly different from a punch. So I want to make HTH fighting more interesting by adding claw gauntlets. My concept, if the game allows it, is that they would be worn on the glove/bracer equipment slot and provide armor protection to the wearer and extra damage to HTH attacks according to type (iron, steel, orcish, dwarvish, mithril, glass, or whatever materials Khajit smiths would be likely to use). I would also have to ensure that the game would unequip the claws when the player entered a brawl, just like it does the weapons.

If the game won't allow an item to be both armor and weapon, then the claws would be one-handed weapons with slightly faster speed than daggers. Conceptually that is less realistic to me, but visually the effect would be the same.

I imagine it would work best to put such weapons in their own leveled list, and this list would then be added as random equipment for Khajit NPCs to carry and Khajit merchants to sell. There would also be a low-level "bound claws" spell in the Conjuration school. The only question I don't know without the CS/CK is whether such an item can be configured to accept both apparel enchantments and weapons enchantments, or one of each, and if it used weapon enchantments whether they would only activate during HTH attacks. What do you think?
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