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Guide for Writing your Ideas

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Guide for Writing your Ideas Empty Guide for Writing your Ideas

Post  Admin on Sat Nov 26, 2011 12:00 pm

Please use this as a sort of template to propose your ideas so they are better understood and clear.

The Plan of a Proposal
Before you begin outlining your idea, there are three questions you should consider:

Who is this directed too?

You need to decide to whom you are writing too. You need to make sure that you think about how u will need others assistance and what they might already know or not know about your topic.

What do I want my audience to get from my post?
The overall purpose of the post should be to get the readers' approval. Your main purpose should be clearly stated. The readers should not have to figure out what you are requesting in the proposal. The best advice is to state your purpose up front and then fill in details later in the proposal.

How can I make sure others understands what I want them to know?
You must put yourself in the shoes of your readers. Think about what they want to hear. Think about what they don't want to hear. Get someone else to read your idea before you submit it. Make sure that his or her reaction is what you expected the reader's reaction to be.

The Style of a Proposal
The basic writing style of a proposal is the same for any type of technical writing. For your post to be effective try to follow these tips:

State the purpose clearly at the beginning of the thread.
State the background information the reader will need to understand your idea.
Use language that everyone can understand.
Use short sentences that are clear and to the point.
Make sure that your ideas are not hidden between unnecessary words.
Make sure that the reader has all the important information needed for the if they decide to help. (E.G. your contact info.)

There are many ideas worth mentioning and are not limited to the following

Just wrote a short story?
If you plan of submitting a story that you think would make a great quest line please try and use a good form of formatting to define the quest stages and any dialog that would require voicing.

This would make the game great!!
If you just have a subject u would like to have added in the form of some quests or a new map try and be creative and let us know you have put a decent amount of effort into it and will continue to do so.

I just done a some Texture's / 3D models and think it would look great as a part of a bigger mod pack.
If you have made some textures and or 3d models and think it would work great for a new story line post some images and background on them so any one wanting to perhaps use them in a mod can have a better idea of your intentions.

I just made a pack of sounds that suit ___ theme.

try and include the sounds so people can easily listen to them like http://soundcloud.com/ and a list that includes all of them for easy browsing.

Any of your ideas are welcome just make sure you detail how you plan to start and what sort of help u might need along the way it may well be on-going or just bits and pieces here and there but its important for every one to know the sort of commitment your requesting.


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