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Some Previous Ideas

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Post  jetstreamLt on Sat Nov 26, 2011 8:45 pm

Well since im joining this project no need for my previous mod i was gonna work on (preety much by myself) so i might as well post my ideas here (sorry i dont feel like redoing the whole post so im just copy and pasting the whole post into here)

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Filling the gap is a project to add all the things that skyrim is missing it is a great game but many things are still missing for example :

  • Marriage Is Very Simple
  • When you shout you hear birds scatter but don't see them

I also plan to add onto the guilds they just don't seem to go far enough. There is many things you could do for example reopening other Dark Brotherhood sanctuary's [Also correct me if im mistaken but is'nt the listener supposed to send somebody out to do the dirty work and not the listener himself?] or Adding a black market in the rat way vaults.

Marriage is just WAY to simple i plan to add more dialog and having "disputes" with your spouse also having to romance your future wife and not just wear an amulet and say hey baby lets get married... also you'll have to bring her on dates if you say the wrong thing she will dump you and you'll have to move onto the next girl/boy Wink

Also for heavens sake! At some point in time in the game your probably preety powerfull and done some bad@## things right? So why is it when your [Possible Spoiler Alert] The leader of the theives guild people still talk crap to you [Possible Spoiler Alert Over] or your the thane and no one addresses you as one the only people i hear address you as dragon born and savior of the land is the guards which is sad if you ask me :dry: .

And companions feel EXTREMELY dry to me way to dry not any story line or anything all you do is say "Hey wanna join up?" "Sure you'll have to pay me for it though" (Companion Joined)

I mean seriously people /: Anyways enough ranting me back to the point i plan to address the above things and ill start writing dialog etc.. till the creation kit comes out. I am VERY open to ideas so feel free to shoot Razz

Possibly in the near future i will need a team for all of this because im not talented in everything I can do most of the stuff but im still learning so what will help out for extra hands not necessarily doing it all by your self will be :

  • Voice Actors
  • Cell Creation
  • Animation
  • Scripting

Some Previous Ideas Postww

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Post  Ultiman on Sun Nov 27, 2011 3:25 pm

The guild quests are lame as hell and so easy to become the guilds leader. I mean some guy walks in stops the world blowing up once or returns a key and *BAM* instant guild master. i have a few ideas on increasing the depth of a few of the guild chains and making the over all road to guild leader experience a little more realistic and fun. i have to get my ideas together before i release them. but i think your ideas are good.

the reason possibly some people are still talking crap to you after you gain the guild leader title is probably them asking the same question you are "How the heck is this guy leader already?" lol.

A lot of people are feeling the same way about the companions the AI is just BAD... hopefully we get some talented programers to add some depth to the AI.
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Post  Spacerogue on Sun Nov 27, 2011 6:17 pm

good ideas, and your right the world doesn't react that much as we are used too

Hodear the companions, don't get me started, I'm no scripter but I have seen much better work from hobbyist on the F3nexus then Beth has done now n-n
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Post  runestyr on Wed Nov 30, 2011 4:54 am

Those are great ideas.

Regarding thane status, the Jarl does say, "I've sent word to my guards about your status, we don't want them confusing you with the general rabble." Yet, as you mentioned, they never acknowledge that status. So we need some new "random greeting" voice files to mix in with the existing ones.

Regarding marriage and companions, did you ever play the Vilja mod in ES4? She has a great sense of humor, including veiled comments about game features, nagging about cleaning up the house, comments about the player's hygiene, and asking for money once in a while. She's a great example of creating a personality for a spouse and/or companion. http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=28977

At least one companion works for free -- Uthgerd the Unbroken, all you have to do is beat her in a fist fight. That made some sense, though she should still get either a monthly fee or a percentage of the profits, and should probably quit out of jealousy if you join the Companions since her membership was denied. Of course, she worked for me for only a day or two before I got Lydia.
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